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Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is highly prevalent among older adults, with a rate of 40% in those over 55, which may even increase at later ages. 

It is caused mainly by two different factors: 
- Dysfunction of the salivary glands with ageing, which can lead to a decrease in the amount of saliva or a change in its composition 
- Treatment with one or more medications. There are over 500 drugs that can produce dry mouth by affecting the autonomic nervous system, which regulates salivary gland activity. 
Dry mouth has other causes, such as cancer treatment (particularly radiation therapy of head and neck tumours) and systemic diseases, such as Sjögren's Syndrome or diabetes. 
In addition to favouring the onset of tooth decay or bad breath, decreased salivary flow can affect the quality of life of the people who suffer from it by making it difficult to talk or eat. 
Measures to alleviate the effects of dry mouth involve certain eating habits, such as getting adequate hydration and avoiding irritants (coffee, tobacco and alcohol) as well as using specific oral hygiene products for xerostomia. 
The dentaid Xeros product brand is formulated to care for people with xerostomia. It consists of two lines: a range of oral moisturisers and a series of products that stimulate natural saliva production. 
The dentaid Xeros range of moisturisers is made up of toothpaste and mouthwash for daily oral hygiene, and a topical gel for times when additional moisturising is needed. Their compositions contain active ingredients aimed to provide greater hydration of the oral cavity, including betaine, a long-lasting moisturiser; xylitol, a moisturiser with anti-caries properties; allantoin, to protect the gums; aloe vera (in the gel), to soothe irritation; and sodium fluoride, to combat tooth decay. 
The dentaid Xeros stimulating range is composed of spray, chewing gum and tablets, formats that are easy to apply anywhere and in any situation. The main active ingredient is malic acid, a topical sialagogue that stimulates the salivary glands’ natural production of saliva. Sodium fluoride and xylitol are also included to prevent the onset of tooth decay and to moisturise. It is important to note that the formulation has a buffer system, which prevents pH from dropping to levels that can cause the enamel to erode. 
All dentaid Xeros products have a low abrasivity index, are irritant-free and are suitable for persons suffering from diabetes and coeliac disease. 
Recommending specific products for xerostomia such as dentaid Xeros immediately helps improve the quality of life of those with dry mouth, a disorder that is highly prevalent among adults over the age of 50. 


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