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13th March 2015 0

DENTAID has developed an innovative formula for the prevention of caries and the protection of enamel from dental erosion. This formula is based on the DENTAID nanorepair® technology, with the action of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. 

Tooth decay, or caries, is the most prevalent ailment after the common cold. It is a multifactorial disease of bacterial origin, that causes destruction of tooth enamel due to the attack by acids produced by the bacteria in bacterial plaque when dietary sugars are metabolised. 
Daily oral hygiene is one of the key factors in the prevention of tooth decay, together with a change in dietary habits, among others. 
Proper oral hygiene consists of a mechanical part and a chemical one. The main tool used in mechanical hygiene is toothbrushing, and this is considered as the basis of daily oral hygiene. A toothbrush must be of utmost quality, able to access all areas of the mouth and have high quality end-rounded and textured Tynex® filaments which respect gums and tooth enamel while maintaining good control of bacterial plaque (oral biofilm). The wide range of VITIS® brushes adapts to the specific needs of each mouth, thanks to its different brush head sizes, filament strengths, and other characteristics. 
A toothbrush accesses 60% of the tooth surface, while the remaining 40% corresponds to the interproximal area. To clean these spaces, VITIS® dental floss and tape, Interprox® brushes and Waterpik® oral irrigators prove effective as mechanical hygiene complements. 
Chemical oral hygiene elements for the prevention of caries are formulated mainly with fluoride, both in toothpastes and in mouthwashes. Fluoride has proven to enhance tooth enamel remineralisation, by forming fluorapatite crystals that make tooth enamel stronger and more resistant. 
DENTAID, a firm pioneering in oral hygiene solutions, has developed an innovative formula for the prevention of caries and the protection of enamel from dental erosion. This formula adds the DENTAID nanorepair® technology to the benefits of fluoride, with the action of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. 
Thanks to their nano size, hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (natural element found in teeth) have exclusive properties: they deposit on tooth enamel, integrating with grooves, cracks and imperfections of the tooth surface in a natural and stable manner, thereby repairing enamel deep down. They also form a protective layer that is resistant to the attack by acids from diet that erode and weaken tooth enamel day after day. 
Moreover, the combination of fluoride and hydroxyapatite promotes the formation of fluorapatite, which by integrating with the tooth enamel's own hydroxyapatite makes teeth more resistant to the onset of caries. 
Besides hydroxyapatite nanoparticles and fluoride, VITIS® anticaries has a third anticaries element: 10% xylitol. This hinders oral biofilm formation, stimulates saliva production and helps to neutralise acid pH. 
The efficacy of VITIS® anticaries has been backed by in vitro studies conducted at the DENTAID Research Center, in which the application of VITIS® anticaries on demineralised tooth enamel was proven to form a layer that protects tooth enamel deep down. Furthermore, this layer does not disappear after an acid attack(1).


  1. Evaluación in vitro de la deposición de nanopartículas de hidroxiapatita sobre el esmalte dental desmineralizado. DENTAID Research Center, 2014.


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