The most complete range for all interproximal spaces

4th November 2011 0

The interproximal area offers conditions that favour the development of bacterial plaque (oral biofilm), which is why special care should be taken to remove as much of it as possible from these areas.

Bacterial plaque (oral biofilm) is a colourless film that adheres to dental surfaces, to the gingival margin and to interproximal spaces.

Complete removal of this film is important, since its accumulation is the main cause of gingivitis, which can evolve into periodontitis and also foster caries development.

INTERPROX® brushes allow for efficient cleaning in interproximal spaces, thoroughly removing the bacterial plaque (oral biofilm) accumulated in spaces between teeth, on braces and around implants and fixed prostheses.

These brushes have high quality, black and white Tynex® filaments, for detecting bleeding and bacterial plaque, respectively. The plastic-covered stainless steel wire protects gums, enamel and implants and does not produce sensitivity. The wire is strongly anchored down to the body of the brush, adding to its resistance and durability. Interprox® brushes also boast a protective cap to maintain optimal hygiene throughout its use.

The widest range

The INTERPROX® range includes a wide variety of brush shapes and sizes that adapt perfectly to each and every interproximal space and to every user’s needs.

INTERPROX® brushes have a straight, flexible handle making it easy to reach interproximal spaces in the front area of the mouth. Also, its protective cap fits onto the end of the handle, making the brush longer and access to other areas of the mouth easier. 

INTERPROX® PLUS brushes have an angled head for easy access to interproximal spaces in the premolar region, since it enters perpendicularly preventing gingival discomfort and lesions. Additionally, its practical multi-use container helps maintain optimal hygienic storage conditions.

INTERPROX® ACCESS brushes have an angled head and long handle, making it easy for them to reach interproximal spaces in the back of the mouth. The entrance of these brushes is perpendicular to the space and therefore do not cause gingival discomfort or lesions.

INTERPROX® gel was developed for maximum care of interproximal spaces, since it acts as a supplement in the prevention and control of periodontal problems and caries, thanks to its composition containing (Cetylpyridinium Choride)



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