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How to improve our quality of life

14th May 2012 0

Oral health as a concept has evolved quite a bit over time. Today, besides being associated with issues such as protecting the oral cavity through chewing and swallowing, it also has to do with other more social and psychological factors. Changes in the mouth can have a great impact on quality of life, even affecting self esteem. This is why in this issue of OralHealth we would like to offer a general view on how quality of life can be affected by certain conditions like dental hypersensitivity, dry mouth (xerostomia), halitosis or by having to wear prostheses or orthodontic appliances. We will also discuss specific solutions that can help achieve a healthy mouth and improve quality of life.

Good oral health comes from proper hygiene habits, which is why in the Dentaid Solutions section we offer products for efficient prevention and treatment of pathologies caused by oral biofilm. These products include the VITIS sonic toothbrush, which provides all of the great benefits of sonic toothbrushing technology; and Interprox® brushes, boasting Dentaid DNA (quality, innovation and efficiency) for thorough interproximal space cleaning.

In order to give customers the tools they need for optimal oral hygiene, it is essential for pharmacy staff to be very well informed. Therefore, we will also talk about Aula Dentaid’s training programme for pharmacists.

In addition, we have contacted José Luis Daroqui Martínez, President of FARMAMUNDI, to discuss the NGO’s main projects and the work he has done over the last almost 20 years in health and pharmaceutical support. 

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