Facebook, The Most Successful Social Network

7th November 2011 0

Who would have thought that Facebook, a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg for university students to share information, would become the giant that it is today? And now, Dentaid is a pioneer user of this tool within the oral health world.

For those of you who would like to become part of social networking and swap paper for digital, what is Facebook?, or rather, what is a social network? A social network is a platform where people who have something in common (i.e. friendship, likes, professional interests, family relations…) can communicate with each other. It is a place where any type of information can be shared and discussed by you and your friends.

Sharing contents

Facebook is the king of social networking platforms, and really has little or nothing to do with what it once was when it was created for sharing information between university students at Harvard. Today, it has become a space where all kinds of users can share almost anything they want. People, brands, companies, institutions, official entities, products… All are on Facebook. And on this platform we can come across childhood friends, our favourite brand of clothes, musical bands, our City Hall or even television series. Everything has a place on Facebook; we just have to choose what we like and who we want our “friends” to be so that we can receive news about them and interact with them whenever we want – any day, any hour. Because with social networking, space-time limitations don’t exist. All we need is an internet connection to have everything at our fingertips.

Now that we know the basics of social networking, and Facebook in particular, let’s talk about what’s on the inside. Even though it is constantly evolving, due to user demands for more services, we can easily find all types of up-to-date information on all of the contacts and pages we follow. And not only information that appears on our wall (profile page), but also any multimedia information we want, since Facebook has media support where photos and videos can be stored and viewed at any time, giving this platform unlimited dynamic communication.

Dentaid on the #1 network

Now that we know more about Facebook, let’s talk about what Dentaid has to offer. What does Dentaid do on this social network? What can we find? Being the oral health expert that it is, Dentaid wants to share its scientific knowledge and experience with the world. Through Facebook, it is Dentaid’s intention to converse with, attend to and encourage participation among all of its customers and friends, in order to disseminate knowledge and understanding of oral health issues.

On Dentaid’s Facebook page, useful information will be available every day to professionals in dentistry and pharmacy, including interviews, photos, videos, articles, up-dates on Aula Dentaid’s upcoming workshops, conferences and meetings where Dentaid is present, as well as solutions to any problems or concerns our “fans/friends” may have.

Our Facebook page makes all information that Dentaid offers off-line available to users: access to different publications, educational and scientific videos, product and meeting images, etc. In a nut shell: immediate, unlimited, public access to all activities developed by the company.

Come join us!

What is Facebook:

• The social network for sharing information with friends and interest groups
• A platform for interacting with multimedia contents: photos and videos
• A space where information is public and accessible at just one internet address.



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