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Dental Sensitivity. A problem that is affecting more and more people

3rd January 2012 0

Dental sensitivity is a painful, transient syndrome that is caused by the exposure of dentin (the internal part of the tooth) to external, thermal, chemical or tactile stimuli that cannot be associated with any other dental pathology.

In recent years, the number of people affected by dental sensitivity has increased, due to an excess in the consumption of acidogenic drinks (soft drinks) and to the indiscriminate use of whitening products without professional supervision.

Under normal conditions, when a tooth is healthy, gums and enamel protect it, preventing its internal parts from becoming exposed.

When the cement or dentin become exposed through gingival retraction or enamel wear, external stimuli (cold, heat, sweets…) can excite nerve endings causing dental sensitivity.

There are a wide variety of factors that can cause gingival retraction or tooth enamel loss.

Abrasion: loss or wear of tooth enamel through friction caused by an external object (for example, toothbrushing abrasion).

Attrition: When teeth rub together during chewing, enamel can be worn down (for example in bruxism).

Erosion: Loss or wear of tooth enamel with chemical substances.
Orthodontic treatments: After professional cleaning, when dental plaque or calculus is removed.

Desensin, the solution for sensitive teeth, provides a complete range of products specifically formulated for fighting dental sensitivity, preventing the occurrence of this painful feeling and allowing teeth and gums to recover their normal state.

Desensin provides a specific treatment combining intense desensitising products for acute dental sensitivity: Desensin gel and Desensin Plus mouthwash. And products for a desensitising and protective action for teeth and gums, fighting dental sensitivity while protecting against caries and gingival retraction: Desensin Plus toothpaste and Desensin Plus mouthwash.

For some people, dental sensitivity is tolerable, while for others, this pain can keep them from carrying out proper oral hygiene, which can in turn cause more serious pathologies, such as caries and gum disease.

To prevent problems caused by poor oral hygiene, it is recommendable to use products aimed at fighting dental sensitivity.

The presence of dental sensitivity may have a negative impact on the rest of oral health

Desensin plus mouthwash 1000 ml

Desensin, the solution for sensitive teeth, launches a new savings format: Desensin plus mouthwash 1000 ml, for consumers to get the most out of their complete dental sensitivity care. Desensin plus mouthwash enhances the effects of the toothpaste, by easily accessing difficult-to-reach areas and by helping the active ingredients remain longer in the oral cavity.

New Desensin soft

Desensin now completes its product line with Desensin soft, a toothbrush specifically intended for sensitive teeth, providing gentleness and suppleness thanks to its special features:

• PBT filaments: provide extra softness and delicacy to avoid harming gums and enamel.
Conical shape allows for better access to interproximal spaces and to the gum line.

• Small brush head: more manageable, accesses hard-to-reach areas with greater precision.



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