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CRISTINA TIEMBLO, National voting member of Dermopharmacy of the CGCOF

15th September 2014 0

Pharmacists are a key figure in advising pharmacy customers, acting as prescribers, and even in assisting in disease prevention. We discussed their role and other oral health issues with Cristina Tiemblo. 

What is your opinion about the oral hygiene industry in pharmacies? 
I believe that the oral hygiene industry in pharmacies is important. We must remember that pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals who come in close contact with society, and we can provide professional advice to those customers who request it. 
What are the strong points? What needs improvement? 
Even though I think that people are more aware of the need for oral care, they come to the pharmacy when they have a problem and need a product to alleviate themselves. Therefore, we must promote daily care to prevent these problems from arising. 

"Pharmacists play a critical role in promoting health and disease prevention" 

What initiatives are being carried out by the different associations to promote oral health? 
As I mentioned earlier, community pharmacists, because of their proximity to, accessibility to and contact not just with patients, but also with healthy members of society, play an important role in promoting health and disease prevention. Aware of this potential, the associations are launching numerous healthcare campaigns each year, many of which are in this area. 
What importance do they place in training pharmacists? 
Both the General Council and the Pharmacists' Associations place a great deal of importance in training collegiate members, and they provide them with the tools necessary in order to have the capacity to respond to customer needs. Along these lines, the General Council launched a training campaign three consecutive years, covering all issues that may arise in the pharmacy. 
To what extent is it important for pharmacists and customers to maintain good communication? What is the basis of this good communication? 
Good communication between pharmacists and customers is essential. The approachability of pharmacists makes pharmacies the first likely place for customers to go to try to resolve their doubts. Pharmacists must be prepared to meet this demand by facilitating good communication. 
What role do social networks play in the pharmacy? 
As could be expected, social media has also arrived to pharmacies. Anything related to communication, information, etc., is positive. Nevertheless, I think that we must be very rigorous in that all information that is made available to users on the internet be proven and accurate. In my opinion, the goal should be to bring customers to the pharmacy; direct contact is also important. 
To what extent do you think Web 2.0 has become a part of and is used on the day-to-day in pharmacies? 
It is a developing "world" that is gradually becoming a part of the day-to-day in pharmacies, but very slowly. Pharmacists are learning, and I think this is positive. We should do it well and be capable of maintaining the prestige of our profession. 



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