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Because your pharmacy is unique

7th November 2011 0

Display materials and the way they are presented, taking into account the physical attributes of the sales outlet, have a crucial impact on a customer’s decision to purchase.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the way a product is placed on the shelf directly affects purchasing impulse. Some pharmacies are full of visual distractions that can disorient a consumer when s/he approaches the shelf. Knowing how to take full advantage of our pharmacy space to attract attention, be of interest to a customer, awaken the desire and prompt an act of purchase should form part of a pharmacist’s agenda if the intention is to increase sales.

Display materials

We always say “VITIS - your mouth is unique” to show how Vitis adapts to each consumer; we are also aware that every pharmacy is unique, which is why VITIS is providing a wide range of display materials for pharmacists to choose from depending on the characteristics of his/her pharmacy.

Vitis on-line, even closer than before

Internet has become the main media channel that consumers turn to for product information. Vitis is providing platforms where consumers can not only find out about the brand, but can also actually talk to the brand (www.vitis.es). Because of being a broad and specialised range, Vitis offers products that adapt to each and every mouth type. To get to know this variety and adaptability outside the setting of the pharmacy and to adapt to new consumer needs (consumers are more informed and search on-line before purchasing), we have created new spaces to disclose information regarding the product range, and to listen to and answer consumers’ questions, in almost real-time.

First we have the Bocas Vitis blog (www.bocasvitis.com), which reinforces the brand message, taking in proposals that go beyond oral health. Along these lines, Vitis also has its own Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Vitis), where one can find information about products and promotions and where consumers can directly address the brand, which will in turn answer and converse with them, offering solutions to their needs.



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